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I have recently started using the PARO (S39) toothbrush after I've been using another Swiss brand and have to say it's the best brush I've ever used. Thank you Swordfish Medical for recommending this brush.

Su Agar - Australia

I've just changed from another Swiss brand of toothbrush to the Paro Swiss toothbrush and and I have to say this brush gives a better clean and lasts much longer.

I'm converted!

Fiona Short

~~ Many thanks for my new loupes. I have been using loupes for all  dental procedures for the past 15 years. However, the prismatic loupes are a game changer. The depth of field, and width of vision are much better that any other loupe that I have used. Normally, 3.5 times magnification would be only of use for Endo, and similar close work. However I can do examinations and all routine work as well. I never use an overhead light now, as the integrated light with the filter  gives a bright shadow free field.

            Yours sincerely,

                      Sean Malone

Dr Sean Malone, Dublin

To date I have purchaesd several sets of Q-Optics loupes with light and lights from Swordfish Medical

The Q-Optics prismatic 3.5 and 4.5 loupes are absolutely stunning and I would certainly recomend the purchase of these from Swordfish Medical.

Mr Kambiz Golchin ENT & Facial Plastic Surgeon M Med Sci, FRCS (Eng),FRCS (ORL-HNS)

The PARO Swiss brush is by far the best brush I have ever used, Swordfish Medical are on to a winner with this range!

Anna Tomczyk, Poland

"I started using Yotuel Toothpaste through a recommendation from a friend. I have been using it for a couple of months now and really notice a difference in the color of my teeth. It is gentle on my teeth and gums and tastes nice unlike some other bleaching products. I would recomend anyone to try Yotuel, as I now use it daily myself."

Marie Esmonde Carlow

 "soft brush ideal for chemotherapy patients and post operative patients"

Grainne Farrell, Dental Hygienist, Longford.

"I can now use a soft brush causing less damage & sensitivity but with the feeling of thorough cleaning.

Fran Mac Keever, Dental Hygienist, Mayo.



This brush is gentle on the gums but also effective at removing plaque from the teeth.

Zara McGowan, Dental Hygienist Sligo

It feels comfortable on my gums + teeth, with a full brushing feeling without the head being too big.

Refellia Donovan, Dental Hygienist, Custume Army Barracke, Athlone.

"The hunt for a soft toothbrush is over!

Katie Murtagh, Dental Hygienist, Mullingar Co Westmeath.

I love my new Q-Optics loupes and light from Swordfish Medical, I have no more back pain and I can see so much more than I ever xepected that I would.

It has to be said that the service they provided was fantastic and they really know what they are talking about .

Thanks Swordfish Medical!

D Byrne.

David Byrne, Kilkenny

I have just had Orthodontic braces fitted and my dentist recomended the Paro double ended toothbrush and Blue-M Toothpaste and I must say I love both.

Eva C, Dublin

I have been suffering from Dry mouth for years until recently when my doctor recomended Xerostom gel and pastiles, quite simply these products have changed my quality of life! I also purchased a Paro extra soft tooth from Swordfish Medical which is very nice indeed!

Florry O'Neill

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